Skills For Life


Skills are what most people have to achieve in life. There are lots of adults who reach a stage of their lives when they decide what they need to do with themselves and get some additional skills in order to develop and grow themselves towards their career and increase their own confidence or simply be in a position to help their young ones with homework.

Skills for life, like literacy training, can open up a whole new world to anyone seeking to improve their skills or gain functional skills in order to get a particular job. We are a society that depends heavily on the written word. Our streets are cluttered with direction signs, shop windows proclaim their wares through flashy notices, and bus timetables tell us where buses go. Anyone with learning difficulties, or who has simply not learned the basic skills of literacy, lives in a confusing world where guessing and getting it wrong much of the time is a daily occurrence. 

Adult literacy is usually taken for granted. When an adult cannot read or write, or when their basic adult literacy and numeracy skills are poor, it can be extremely embarrassing for them. They usually don’t want to let anyone know, and can become quite adept at hiding the fact. This does not help the situation as they are unlikely to seek the kind of basic training that would serve their needs, and the learning opportunities, the skills for life literacy training opportunities that would help them, are ignored.

Not knowing how to read and write will put anyone at a severe disadvantage in life. This is compounded by the fact that our society wrongly supposes most of the time that those who are illiterate among us are somehow stupid and don’t have the basic intelligence to learn how to read and write. Sadly, more often than not, it’s not like that. People can lack literacy skills for all kinds of reasons, and low intelligence is usually not one of them.


Thankfully, a high emphasis on training has now been recognized as being essential for the well-being of our society. Everyone, no matter how humble, has been given the opportunity to train for all manner of things, from the entry level skills of reading and writing, all the way up to skills qualification training that can land an individual a very good job.

Skills for life on literacy classes and training should be a basic right for everyone and the many training centers dedicated to providing education courses, with or without a certificate at the end, have an accessibility level that can include everyone seeking improvement in their lives.

The training centers that offer skills for living and skills for working have become a godsend for many under privileged people who somehow missed out in their professional development of adult literacy skills. A whole new world can open up for them now. In a world where newspapers are no longer seen as just funny marks on paper, where road signs provide useful information about where they are going, and where books offer a doorway into the thoughts of gifted authors, past and present.