Online Counseling Is What Most People Need


The 2019 Online Counselors Workshop was really beneficial to professional counselors because it mainly focused on ways and methods on how to do counseling online. With the online counseling workshop, professional counselors and therapists are gathered and were able to share their experiences and opinions with regards to doing counseling online.

The activity provided useful insights and information with regards to online therapy. It introduced new tools and essential online applications and programs that are really needed when doing online counseling sessions. The workshop teaches counselors on how to effectively use online platforms to successfully conduct e-therapies and online counseling sessions to patients. This is a move up and very much useful these days since the world is in a COVID-19 pandemic and cannot go out as easily.

The history of online therapy was well discussed considering the different insights while anticipating what the future will be like. A debate on the best approach and of ethics were also raised and it involved the best counselors and therapists in the region. The international policies and regulations on online counseling and therapy were also tackled during the said workshop.


As a participant, I really found the workshop to be useful since it widened my knowledge. With the new technology, it’s not really that difficult to be able to provide online services to our clients, more now with this pandemic we have been experiencing globally. The topics and issues brought up during the workshop were found to be very useful and relevant in providing the needs of the clients. The scope has been extended and those who have the internet can use this service.

Many counselors or mental health professionals do not totally agree with conducting online counseling but the resource speakers during the workshop were able to discuss it thoroughly. The many pros and cons of doing counseling online were discussed. It will always be advantageous if we open up ourselves and welcome the new possibilities that the ever changing world can offer and one of these is the use of online platforms to render our services to the many clients out there who need mental health help.