Mental Health And Disability

A person who has a particular disability can have self-limiting thoughts. This individual believes that his disability makes him different from the people surrounding him. He will start to think of himself as an incompetent human being who has no hope of experiencing better days in his life. Because of these, this person usually suffers from mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. However, it is essential to note that several disabled persons have remained to be positive in life, despite the hardships that they encounter.


In this article, we are going to shed light on some of the things that disabled individuals can do to ensure that they can still be happy and enjoy life. We want to encourage everyone to continue motivating and inspiring one’s self, despite the adversity that each of us is going through. Our article is primarily focused on the things that handicapped individuals must do if they want to have improved mental health:


Always Be Bigger Than Your Disability

You need to continually remind yourself that you are a fantastic individual who can succeed in life. Take note that you are born in this world to be great. Whatever it is that you are going through right now is only temporary. Remember that several disabled individuals have accomplished their goals in life. They are the ones who never gave up despite what other people think about them or even despite their physical limitations. Just like them, you can also find a way to become a better version of yourself.


Find An Inspiration To Keep You Going

We understand that there are a lot of days when you want to shut everyone away and give up with your daily struggles. But according to Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist. “Whether you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or not, the evidence is strong that getting outside just for a little bit can be very helpful.”
What you are feeling is only normal, especially if you have only recently discovered or experienced your disability. As such, it is essential or vital on your part to start looking for inspiration. Find someone who can motivate you to aim higher and dream bigger. As already mentioned above, several disabled men and women were successful in their chosen careers or professions. What you need to do is to find someone you can idolize. Use this person’s story and success inspire you to keep going.


Surround Yourself With Happy People

“I’m pretty blown away by the idea of Loving-Kindness Meditation. Meaning, instead of drowning in sadness, purposefully spending a few minutes wishing people well (from you to a mentor to a stranger to a person you know struggling) can actually lead to productive actions and increase your joy,” says Jennifer L. Taitz, PsyD.

If you want to feel more bliss and joy in your life, then be sure to surround yourself with the right individuals. Be with people who are always happy and positive. You can attract their good vibes, to the point that you can eventually become like them. Conversely, keep yourself away from people who only bring negativity and adversity in your life. These are the individuals who would love to see you fail. Make sure to keep your distance from them so that you will not be rotten just like them. Always see to it that you are in a good mood at all times. It can help in improving your mental wellness.


Talk To A Professional

“Sadly, only a small percentage of people actively seek professional help for their mental health problems,” says Sal Raichbach, PsyD. With that, accept the reality that you have a disability so that you will not find it hard to think of ways on how to solve your personal struggles. Once you have mastered the art of acceptance, everything will become easier or lighter on your part. If you still find challenges to be overwhelming, then the best option that you can try is to seek professional help. You need to find the most sought-after therapist in your local community and book an appointment with this person. Through the therapy sessions, you can gain insights on how to better handle your thoughts and emotions. You will discover the various methods on how you can remain positive despite the presence of your disability.



There are several ways on how you can continue to have a healthy mental condition while you have a disability. Remember that you have the power to control the way you handle issues and concerns in your life. You have to take the necessary steps to care not only for your physical well-being but also for your mental health. What is essential is that you always choose to remain positive and happy despite your struggles in life.