I Love Being A Counselor

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Being a school counselor, it is mandatory to attend seminars and workshops for continuing education, and one of those that I attended was the 2018 Online Counselors Workshop. Psychologists Specialists of Maine initiated the workshop. The workshop was very engaging, and I never felt bored during the whole event. It got me thinking, though.

I met Nina (not her real name) during a session at school. My work before was an “assistant” counselor at a private school for privileged kids (privileged meant super-rich). I was an assistant for that day and for the two prior months since their school counselor was on maternity leave. And so, here comes Nina, marching in like the world tumbled down on her. She told me that her classmates were so mean, calling her names like Fatty, Piggy, Dumbo, Weirdo Girl, and more. Kids can be cruel like that, and bullying is real. This is something that I just cannot condone, and of course, I had to report the incident.

The principal acted fast in that situation because bullies have to be stopped immediately. She called on the kids that were bullying Nina, and we had a conference. The parents were also invited, which made the meeting of importance, and for the kids to know that bullying is taken seriously in the school.

Source: pexels.com

I am fulfilled that I was able to assist Nina, and in a way, have helped those bully kids to behave properly. That act of me as a counselor, counseling Nina so that she would stop blaming herself as to why she was bullied, and connecting with the administration on the situation, have pacified a lot of things.

This is mainly the reason why I love my job. It is a job, yes, and a career that I look forward to doing for the rest of my life. Nina is still communicating with me once in a while, and she has bloomed so much ever since. We somewhat do “online sessions” since she lives far away now, and I am just happy for her improvement.