How Your Teen Can Benefit From A Life Coach




I am a happy mom of two handsome men, men who are currently living their dreams. But a few years back, I couldn’t say that I was happy. I was struggling with working and taking care of two terrible teens whom I didn’t understand and who didn’t understand me. I raised them on my own because their dad had a new family. I wondered if I would ever be enough for my children at that time. But lo and behold, a close friend of mine told me about life coaching and how her nephew made significant progress because of it. So, in my desperation, I sought the services of a life coach.

Now, three years after, I still see the positive impact of how the life coaching experience has changed my sons, and I feel blessed to have decided to make that move. What about you? Are you a mother like me who feels like nothing can make the world a happy place for you and your teens? Perhaps they, too, can benefit from having a coach in their life.

Let’s check out some of the most common reasons why your teen might need the help of a life coach.



  • A Coach Can Be Your Teen’s Confidant. Teens go through a lot of changes, and one of those is finding other people to talk to instead of their parents. According to Chris Corbett, PsyD “There are many reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression.” It could be because parents usually don’t easily get used to their teens’ new identities. A coach can be that friend and confidant to your teen, someone he can be honest with and share his innermost secrets with. Problems in school and heartbreaks with girls are some things that your teen might not want to tell you, but with a coach, he will have someone to vent out his emotions to without going into negative behavioral patterns such as rebellion.


  • A Coach Can Teach Your Teen Responsibility. You don’t see this in most teens, especially those who have just entered their first teen years. And sometimes, parents force their teens to be responsible without explaining why they need to be. It is the task of a life coach to have a talk with your teen about being responsible and what good it is for him to do what he says he will do. Learning this will open your teen’s mind to learning the importance of integrity and how much value it has when he goes out in the world. ” Eating healthfully, exercising regularly and getting a good night’s sleep are all important elements in a mentally and physically healthy life.” Explained by Staci Lee Schnell, MS,CS,LMFT.


  • A Coach Helps Build Self-Esteem. Self-confidence is among the strongest traits a person can arm himself with. If he believes in himself, he is almost on his way to his goals in life. In the adolescent years, there is much that teens have to learn about confidence because it is in this stage that their confidence is tested. Teens who are bullied in school or abused in the home cannot build strong confidence and belief in themselves. This is where a coach comes in. He can work on your teen on teaching him to realize his strengths and to improve on his weaknesses. The more he value he puts on his positive traits, the more confident he will become. He will be able to build resilience and strength as well to successfully overcome the challenges he will face in the years to come.




“I believe that human beings have an inherent longing and need for wholeness and balance, which is our natural state of being.” That is according to Jennifer Bradley, Psy.D., HSPP, Clinical Psychologist. Raising children, particularly teens, is not easy at all. Getting help from a life coach to better improve the relationship you have with your teens can be one of the wisest decisions you can make. Keep in touch with one now.