Practical Exercises For Overcoming Shyness


In some cases, strangers chat effortlessly at parties, at work, and in public, yet a large proportion of people would rather catch a rattlesnake barehanded than say “hello” and make eye contact. Online chat with strangers seems to be less intimidating given anonymity. This is not really abnormal since “normal” covers such a wide spectrum that most types of behavior don’t definitively fall either inside or outside the range, as long as no harm is caused.…

Stress-Related Health Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

Everyone encounters stress one way or another. Sometimes, it comes from doing something essential, like exercise. We get stressed when our minds are challenged after a grueling chess game. But when stress becomes severe, such as in traumatic experiences or chronic sleep disturbances, it can get really unpleasant and may lead to some serious health problems. 

“Research tells us that this is a common experience for those under stress. That everyone experiences stress and up to a certain level it can be helpful. Yet, stress can negatively impact one’s normal daily functioning or health.” That is according to Edna M. Esnil, PsyD. With that, here are some stress-related health problems that we should not ignore:…

Help From A Life Coach: How Effective Is It?

Flashback to 20 years ago, when we had to write letters or telegrams,  stand up to change the channel, or read tons of books in the library just to learn more about a favorite sport or something. Would you say life is a lot easier today because of modern technology? Definitely! With the advent of modern technology, there’s better communication through cell phones, and convenience because of remote controls, and ultimately easy access to new knowledge because of the internet.  But so has the challenges in business, career, and life in general, right?

Currently, the emergence of life coaching has encouraged people to find help in organizing their life – their relationships, their businesses, careers and what not. People who are always on the go who seem to lose their way, now have a means to get back on track. They now have a professional best friend who is tasked to make their lives better than good.

But what is life coaching, really? How does it work? Does it work for everybody? And who needs life coaches? Let’s read on and find out.

Life Coaching Defined

Life coaching is basically a profession that involves a process wherein a certified life coach formulates specific solutions to the problems and needs of his clients. They play the role of a guide to assist you in achieving your goals in specific areas of your life. They help you become the best that you can be and move you closer to your dreams.

Newsweek writes this about life coaches:  “Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals, career, personal, or most often, both.”…

Skills For Life

Skills are what most people have to achieve in life. There are lots of adults who reach a stage of their lives when they decide what they need to do with themselves and get some additional skills in order to develop and grow themselves towards their career and increase their own confidence or simply be in a position to help their young ones with homework.

Skills for life, like literacy training, can open up a whole new world to anyone seeking to improve their skills or gain functional skills in order to get a particular job. We are a society that depends heavily on the written word. Our streets are cluttered with direction signs, shop windows proclaim their wares through flashy notices, and bus timetables tell us where buses go. Anyone with learning difficulties, or who has simply not learned the basic skills of literacy, lives in a confusing world where guessing and getting it wrong much of the time is a daily occurrence. …