How Will Your Business Survive During A Pandemic?

Businesses are among the helpless victims of the coronavirus outbreak. They cannot technically get infected with the disease, but their source of life—the customers—are not safe from it. Thus, most entrepreneurs had no choice but to either operate remotely or shut down momentarily when the government ordered a lockdown and sealed the borders.

Luck is on the side of supermarket and pharmacy owners, given that their businesses are thriving despite the pandemic. The same cannot be said, however, for restaurants, factories, and various companies that offer “non-essential products and services.” Some have had to let go of a significant number of employees to reduce their expenses. Others have gone closer to bankruptcy than ever. And even when the lockdown order has been lifted partially to let some businesses reopen and help the economy, it does not mean that everything will return to normal. 

Considering you want your business to survive this pandemic, you have a few tasks in your hands.

Stay Active Online

Does your company have an Instagram and Facebook pages? If the answer is no, stop reading for a minute and come back when you already have social media accounts. But if you maintain pages on these channels, I advise you to start posting business-related content often.

You see, your customers need to know that your business still exists, that you cannot wait to come back and serve them again. It is impossible to go out there to do that, but you can stay active on social media and build your online presence. That’s how you ensure that no one will forget you.

Offer Home Delivery

Having a website that will inform people about your business’s history does not suffice these days. You must update it with your latest products and find a way to turn it into a marketplace. Then, you should hire individuals who can deliver the items right at every customer’s doorsteps.

Home delivery is not a new concept at all; many have been doing it for years. Despite that, if you have never done it before, now is the best time to offer this service to keep the money flowing.

Put Stocks On Sale

Although most businesses have been immobilized in at least two months, manufacturers may have new products that are ready to launch soon. The latter is inevitable, but it can be problematic for retailers, especially if they still have not-so-old stocks. 

The only solution for this is to put your products on sale. Say, offer buy-1-take-1 deals or sell items at discounted prices. While you may not earn much, you can get rid of everything and restock with brand-new goods.

Make Your Store Safe For Everyone

In case your business is exempted from the lockdown, try not to see it as a sign that the coronavirus will never enter your doors and affect you and your clients. Instead, it would help if you take extra precautionary measures, given that you cannot ask everyone about their travel history or the people they have met before coming to your store.

One of the most effective techniques is adding a partition between your counters and the customers. Invest in face shields, masks, and even vitamins for the employees to protect them from the virus. Furthermore, the guards should be armed with a thermal scanner so that no one with high body temperature can come in without medical clearance. 

Final Thoughts

The pandemic is not only awful for humans but also for the businesses that cannot survive without the latter. If you do not want to file for bankruptcy in no time, try the tips mentioned above.