Importance Of Short Commute To Work When You Are In A Relationship

Have you always wondered how two-career people get to make their relationship work?

They do not need complex equations for that, frankly speaking. These people merely take into consideration one facet that many couples tend to overlook: the distance between their house and their workplace.



Two reasons might fuel this scenario: 1) you already bought or inherited a home far from your new job, or 2) the cost of living near the office is almost beyond your pay grade. For sure, it is fathomable if you cannot move due to either cause. It cannot be wise indeed to bite more than what you can chew, right?

Despite that, in case you have the financial means to relocate and shorten your travel time to work, you should grab the closest residential unit to your workplace. It will not only be for the sake of your productivity, after all – your relationship will benefit from it too.



It Gives You Plenty Of Free Hours To Spend With Your Partner

For starters, imagine needing to commute to the office for two to three hours, depending on how suffocating the traffic jam may be. If work starts at seven in the morning, you have to leave your home around four or five o’clock. Once your eight-hour shift ends, you might get stuck on the road with thousands of cars for several hours. By the time you pull up to the driveway, it is possible that you barely have the energy to gather your stuff, change your clothes, and set the alarm clock before you zonk out.

It is highly significant for you to understand that this circumstance is only appropriate for bachelors and bachelorettes. In case you live with your significant other, though, he or she may feel neglected if that becomes your daily routine. It may not take long before your partner stops putting up with your schedule and asks for their freedom.

Now, assuming your office is five minutes away or just next door, your better half will not complain about your lack of time for him or her. You can spend hours together and even sleep in occasionally since your work site is near. That is a plus point for your relationship, of course.


The Short Trip May Lessen Your Stress

A lengthy commute to work can short-circuit your fuse as well, primarily if you are not used to the situation. You may already be moody as you enter the building, but then your irritation might explode once you or your colleagues mess up with your tasks. Worse, the high level of stress that comes with those negative emotions might stick with you even when you reach the house, thus enabling you to pick fights with your partner.

Is that a great way to maintain a relationship? Not in this lifetime, no. So to avoid losing your sanity – and your significant other – you must shorten your travel time.


Going Back And Forth For Work Is Not Worth The Effort

Assuming your boss offers to raise your salary by 20 percent, but he or she requires you to go to a location that is at least an hour away from home, will you accept the job?

As tempting as it appears, you should respectfully decline the proposition. Apart from not having much quality time for your better half, you will also lose a lot economic-wise. Based on a study from the University of Zurich, you need to receive no less than 40 percent of your current pay to make the long commute worth the effort. Otherwise, look for a job near your home.



Hopefully, it already makes sense to you why some people choose to move pretty close to their workplaces, as well as why you should consider it too.