Indications That Your Marriage Is Hurting Your Career


The industrial and family dynamics have changed so much that a wife no longer has to be a simple home-keeper. You can pursue your dreams of being employed by a company that offers incredible benefits and still be a hands-on parent to your children. In fact, some corporations set up a daycare center within the building for moms who do not have anyone to babysit their kid at home. Therefore, nothing should ideally be able to stop you from having a successful career, right?

Quite unfortunately, there may still be one obstacle: your marriage.

How come?



  1. Your Spouse Does Not Support Your Career Decisions

Considering you waited until your child entered the elementary school before you decided to seek a full-time job, it is possible that your better half may not take the thought of you being away from home every day comfortably. For sure, he may not discourage you at first to send your application, but that does not entail that he approves of it. Once you indeed get the position you’re vying for, the husband might dismiss any subject related to your new work and let you down emotionally most of the time.

The truth of the matter is that you do not deserve that kind of treatment. Since you are no longer “just a mom” now you need to be able to rely on your spouse in every way probable. Otherwise, you might think of quitting your job to appease your man or to avoid further disagreements at home.


  1. Your Partner Is Lazy

Your career also takes a hit if you are married to someone who does not want to help you look after your kids and the house. One may argue that they have a higher position in their company than you; that’s why they cannot be at home often. That fact cannot guarantee that they have a busier schedule compared to yours.

What happens if you cannot depend on your husband to take care of some of your household chores is that you have no choice but to leave work early or not finish your projects within the deadline. Will that hurt your career? Of course! Even the most understanding boss will complain, especially when you are ineffective because you tied the knot to Mr. Lazybones. In the end, that person may ask you to hand in your resignation letter as you perhaps cannot manage your home situation instantly.



  1. You Do Not Want To Get A Divorce

In case you know that your marriage is no longer working yet you still do not wish to file for divorce for the sake of your children, you are not only hurting yourself but also your career.

Imagine, you opted out of the possibility of having a peaceful home and chose to stay under the same roof with a man who may not even care for you. Hence, your brain may always be full of worries, and you may not have enough space left in there to think about your office responsibilities.

Once anyone in the workplace gets a hint that your relationship decreased your competency substantially, it may result in demotion or, worse, termination.


It is okay to fight for your marriage and set aside your career if that will make you happy. Many married ladies took that path, and their life turned out well. Despite that, you should also take note of the women in history that rose through the ranks since their spouse supported them wholeheartedly.

If you want to be like the latter, you then need to ensure that your husband is on board with your decision to go after your dream job. Or else, your marriage will inevitably hurt your career.…