The Communication Dance: Practical Body Language


Some life skills are picked up automatically (or apparently so) as we grow up, others can only be learned, but most fall somewhere between these two poles. Interpreting and projecting body language is one of the latter kind. We all understand that somebody who’s shouting and turning red in the face is probably angry, while someone who’s gazing at the floor and shuffling his feet is probably embarrassed or ashamed. But what does it mean if a woman folds her arms over her chest: is she cold, feeling uneasy, or does she need to use the restroom?


At work, in relationships, at school – in fact in any situation that involves interacting with people face to face – knowing how to interpret the postures and movements of others, and knowing how to project the image you want just makes life much easier. It’s actually a shame that nonverbal communication isn’t taught to children in the same way grammar is: it has its own type of grammar which links directly to our minds and emotions.…

How To Talk With, Instead Of A Person


As far as life skills go, knowing how to communicate effectively is one of the most important, but seems to be something few people are willing to study. Perhaps they plan to talk louder whenever they’re not understood, or just avoid everyone who won’t put in the extra effort needed to communicate with them. If so, they will find that effective, considerate communication is the easiest way of avoiding conflict and building good relationships whether with a colleague, spouse or friend.Regardless of whether you’re a teacher, a manager, salesman or in any other social role, learning more about conversational skills will reap great benefits and make your daily life  much easier.


Remember that It Goes Both Ways

Just because you’ve been talking since you were three years old doesn’t mean that you understand a conversation. The first step towards knowing how to communicate is to realize that it’s as much a reflexive verb as a transient one; in other words, talking isn’t only about telling someone something, but also allowing them to tell you things.…

Chill On Tap: Meditation


Most of us spend a huge amount of time learning about the world outside us: geography, calculus and how to cross the street with a good chance of making it to the other side. However, in spite of all this education, formal or otherwise, we very rarely devote as much as five minutes in really learning about our minds.


Certainly, some of us will pick up a few psychological principles as we go along and these might even be applicable to ourselves in a general sort of way. Or we might learn a few “mind hacks” to help get us through the day, but these are rarely more than band-aids applicable to a single type of situation. As Ben Martin, Psy.D used to say, “Strong spiritual faith is associated with a reduced risk of depression. Spiritual faith can be found in the context of organized religion, or in something less structured, such as meditation.”


Who Chooses to Practice Meditation?

The two most important things to realize about meditation are: (1) anyone can learn to do it, and (2) number one doesn’t mean that it is necessarily easy. Our minds are simply not used to being quiet in an attentive way. We actually practice being overwhelmed at work, where appearing to slack off is not encouraged. When we get home, the first thing to be turned on is usually the TV or computer, unless we phone someone to have a random conversation. We basically can’t stand having anything around to annoy or entertain us.…

How To Deal With In Laws


This is another common thing that married couples endure and it’s not only women that encounter these problems – men encounter them too. Dealing with nasty and controlling in-laws can be extremely difficult and some partners might even see divorce as a solution to the problem.

No marriage should have to come to end due to controlling in-laws, which is why I have put together some tips to help you deal with your in-laws:


Forget the Past and Move Forward

Forgive and forget. Some might feel that it’s not as easy and as simple as that, but try and work towards forgiving your in-laws and forgetting about what happened in the past. It is pointless living with resentment for people who are probably going to be around for a very long time. Work on your feelings and talk to them about it.…

Sunshine As A State Of Mind


Crappy pop songs aside, most people will tend to describe a bright, clear day as “happy” and an overcast, drizzly one as sad. Words such as “gloomy”, “blustery”, “calm” and “dry” can be used to describe either the weather or a person’s emotional makeup and it’s not all that difficult to spot the parallels between the two usages.

“Whether you suffer from seasonal affective disorder or not, the evidence is strong that getting outside just for a little bit can be very helpful.” That is according to Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist. Our environment does have an effect in the way we feel, and while the sky outside is not something we normally pay that much attention to, it has a profound effect on our mental state, nor is this a case of external symbols affecting our internal reality (although that might play a role too). The mechanisms involved are often physical in nature.…

Making Tough Choices


Everybody is forced at times to choose between two courses of action, whether this means choosing the lesser of two evils or committing to something for the next several years. It can be extremely difficult to even know where to start, never mind going through with it.

In this case, there is often a temptation to ask the advice of someone you hope is wiser and better informed than you are, or simply do what everybody else seems to be doing. Unfortunately, this will separate you from neither the responsibility for your choice nor its consequences.…

Help From A Life Coach: How Effective Is It?

Flashback to 20 years ago, when we had to write letters or telegrams,  stand up to change the channel, or read tons of books in the library just to learn more about a favorite sport or something. Would you say life is a lot easier today because of modern technology? Definitely! With the advent of modern technology, there’s better communication through cell phones, and convenience because of remote controls, and ultimately easy access to new knowledge because of the internet.  But so has the challenges in business, career, and life in general, right?

Currently, the emergence of life coaching has encouraged people to find help in organizing their life – their relationships, their businesses, careers and what not. People who are always on the go who seem to lose their way, now have a means to get back on track. They now have a professional best friend who is tasked to make their lives better than good.

But what is life coaching, really? How does it work? Does it work for everybody? And who needs life coaches? Let’s read on and find out.

Life Coaching Defined

Life coaching is basically a profession that involves a process wherein a certified life coach formulates specific solutions to the problems and needs of his clients. They play the role of a guide to assist you in achieving your goals in specific areas of your life. They help you become the best that you can be and move you closer to your dreams.

Newsweek writes this about life coaches:  “Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist, and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals, career, personal, or most often, both.”…

Horses As Therapy


Equine sports are a little strange. It’s after all the horse, not the rider, that puts in most of the effort. When it comes to improving someone’s state of mind through exercise, the first thing most people would think of is some activity that involves hitting something or someone with a stick, not cantering around a paddock several feet above the ground.…

What Causes A Lack Of Motivation?

In general, we all know what we need to do to get what we want from life – take a course at night, spend more time with friends, or perhaps lose some weight. Why then, are people constantly complaining about not being able to do these things? If you’re a devotee of the saying “when there’s a will there’s a way,” the only possible conclusion in most cases is that it’s the will, or rather the motivation to take concrete action, that’s lacking.

Why Every Company Should Have An Online Counseling Plan


General Motors’ spending on health care for employees sets them back more than their bill for steel, adding a full $1,500 to their costs per car, a state of affairs that their CEO has called a “crisis”. There are several reasons for high healthcare costs – relatively generous agreements with labor unions, the high price of brand-name drugs and administrative budgets which swallow about a quarter of the total spending. However, barring major structural changes in the healthcare industry, companies large and small should be looking at ways to reduce this expense.

Preventative care should be part of any such strategy. While it might be difficult to get employees to stop smoking, exercise more and develop better habits in general, there is one route towards healthier employees that is both easy to implement and cost-effective, namely offering online mental health counseling to all employees.