Stop, Listen, Reassess

One part of our education as human beings take the form of little mottoes that may help us deal with stressful situations if we encounter them. Examples of these are “stop, drop and roll” and “don’t let the sun set on an argument” – both of which can help us deal with the problems facing us while we’re unable to think clearly.


Dealing with the “big picture” however, is a lot more complicated. Self-reflection takes a lot of mental effort, but without it, we will tend to continue doing tomorrow exactly what we did yesterday, even when we know that this will not make us happy or help us grow. Without finding the courage to take a hard look at our life situation, people often get stuck in relationships, friendships and entire careers that do not satisfy them. For this reason, it’s worthwhile to stop, listen and reassess our choices and their results from time to time.