Chill On Tap: Meditation


Most of us spend a huge amount of time learning about the world outside us: geography, calculus and how to cross the street with a good chance of making it to the other side. However, in spite of all this education, formal or otherwise, we very rarely devote as much as five minutes in really learning about our minds.


Certainly, some of us will pick up a few psychological principles as we go along and these might even be applicable to ourselves in a general sort of way. Or we might learn a few “mind hacks” to help get us through the day, but these are rarely more than band-aids applicable to a single type of situation. As Ben Martin, Psy.D used to say, “Strong spiritual faith is associated with a reduced risk of depression. Spiritual faith can be found in the context of organized religion, or in something less structured, such as meditation.”


Who Chooses to Practice Meditation?

The two most important things to realize about meditation are: (1) anyone can learn to do it, and (2) number one doesn’t mean that it is necessarily easy. Our minds are simply not used to being quiet in an attentive way. We actually practice being overwhelmed at work, where appearing to slack off is not encouraged. When we get home, the first thing to be turned on is usually the TV or computer, unless we phone someone to have a random conversation. We basically can’t stand having anything around to annoy or entertain us.…