What Is A Life Coach And What Good Can He Do For Me?


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When your friend talks to you about getting a life coach, what do you have in mind? Do you think about someone who creates a lot of space for people who want to express how they feel about something? Or is it just something you expect to pass once or twice – going into life coaching sessions – because everyone needs a fix in their life from time to time? Because that is actually what most people’s ideas are about what life coaching is all about.


But who really is a life coach? Experts themselves would describe a life coach as a partner and confidant, someone whom you can trust to help you in terms of improving yourself and successfully achieving your dreams. Your life coach must be accountable for guiding an individual so that she can have balance and harmony. A life coach isn’t just your tutor, friend, or mentor. He helps one see a different side of a story. He refines your everyday challenges and helps you fulfill your dreams. “Think of a life coach as an advisor with a lot of experience, skills and strategies to help you make your goals come to fruition,” says Dr. Jamie Long, Psy.D.


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Most people are so confident that we can solve all our undertakings that we actually do need someone from the outside to tell us that we need to lay back and stop what we’re doing. And if we are serious about putting things in perspective and succeeding in our life goals, then we might just be one of those who needs a life coach.


What A Life Coach Can Help You With


If your tooth is painful, who do you visit? A dentist? If there’s a leak in the kitchen, do you call a painter? Of course not! You get a plumber. When you feel like nobody can save you from your bad cooking, who do you call? I don’t know about you, but I would definitely call my mom.


Seriously, my point is that most of the problems that coaches help us solve are not always clear-cut and obvious. When you’ve been lacking sleep after losing the job you love, you’d probably call your friend – or maybe you don’t. If your self-esteem is so low but you decide not to contact a therapist because you’re sure nothing is wrong with you. According to Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC, “Therapy can be adapted to meet a variety of individual needs and goals.” But life coaching seems different in such a way.


True, calling a life coach may not be your first solution, but a dedicated and competent life coach can actually be your solution for all issues mentioned above. A life coach can walk you through regaining your self-confidence, help you find a better and a more appropriate career that would work for you, and yes, tries to create bullet points to arrange your life and help you fix it for good. Like what Chris Oneth LMFT used to say, “Through simple and direct counsel and coaching you may discover great potentials that can move your job and career to a positive place you never thought possible.”


Here are other things that a life coach can help you with:

  • Engaging with more activities that are important in your life
  • Creating new and better relationships
  • Finding purpose in your life
  • Setting goals that are realistic and doable
  • Building self-esteem
  • Finding what makes you happy and achieving it
  • Overcoming frustrations and achieving success


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Final Thoughts


Life coaches are professionals who CAN stay in our corner when we call upon them. They are there to absorb our complaints and rants and nevertheless listen because they are accountable to us when we decide to call them. We can count that they are there not to judge but to allow us to be ourselves at that moment.