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Welcome to online therapy and life coaching!

In searching for the right therapist/coach, you are already taking a big step toward changing your life and feeling better. Perhaps you have been feeling stuck or stressed out or tension and distance in your relationships has been troubling you. In our work together, you can understand and process emotions and change long-standing behaviour patterns and beliefs that have been keeping you back and thereby begin to resolve issues that trouble you. Whether this is therapy or coaching really depends on how task oriented your goal/s may be. With e therapy/online access as an option this can be done from every corner of the world!

My goal is to create a non-judgemental, supportive environment where we can look at your past and present to understand why you might be responding to life in ways that are less than optimal. Then we can focus on how you can pursue your goals. Over thirty years I have accompanied many people from all over the world in changing, working with them face to face, online through skype, google hangout or by phone. I have worked with expats, refugees and Nationals in English or in Spanish. I welcome all people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences (See below the form, scrolling down, if you want to see more about my areas of expertise).

While I have many tools as a therapist, warmth, compassion, being non judgemental, humour and a core belief in our basic ability to grow, change and heal are central to my work and to my world view.  I like to get to the root of the problem, recognise repetitive patterns which do not work for you and keep an eye on what is needed on a practical level finding solutions to problems, realizing that while our intentions may be good, what we try many times may not work! So together we will find new ways of looking at issues and of solving problems. I also believe that no two individuals, couples or families are the same so the needs of a particular situation requires a unique combination of tools and methods. 

I always acknowledge the steps people make towards change as they are never easy. I often like to set tasks to do in between sessions so that the change progresses in between sessions. In couples and family sessions I sometimes invite people to talk to one another and I am there as a facilitative presence.