Things To Do If Your Career Compromises Your Marriage




Loving your career is not a heinous crime. You ideally worked hard to attain the position you currently hold. You do not ask for help from others; instead, you are the go-to person whenever your colleagues need advice on something. Perhaps you can also no longer count the number of sleepless nights you spent in the office, finishing your tasks and ensuring that even your strict bosses will not be able to find any loophole in it.

Despite that, your career does not hold a candle to the importance of having a successful marriage. After all, that job will disappear once you become too old to work, but your spouse can stay by your side for as long as you both shall live.

So below are the things you can do if your career compromises your union.


  1. Assess Your Expectations To Each Other

One of the reasons why working couples fight is that they cannot meet each other’s expectations. Being two consenting adults, it is likely that you previously talked about it even before either of you started your respective jobs. However, you should take into account that people’s priorities can change. Your spouse may merely not have the time to inform you about any alteration in his or her goals immediately; thus, you will undoubtedly clash with one another.

A quick fix to this matter is to check in with your better half regularly. Open the topic over dinner or when you are in the bedroom in a non-formal manner. Encourage your partner to tell you their expectations of you, and vice versa. Such a conversation will enlighten you about the boundaries you should never see for the sake of your marriage.




  1. Deal With Your Workaholic Tendencies

When you enjoy the job that you have, your boss probably does not need to ask you to work overtime on a project. In fact, you might do it more often than you should, to the point that your significant other has to fetch you from the office directly to remind you of the hour.

Remember that this kind of circumstance is only acceptable occasionally. If it turns into a habit, your spouse may get tired of the situation and ask if you are doing it to avoid being with him or her.

The best thing you can do, therefore, is to curb your workaholic tendencies. Being passionate about your job is all right. What isn’t okay is your decision to prioritize it over quality time with your family. The latter, in reality, is what pushes neglected spouses to look for another man or woman who will cherish them the way you should.


  1. Remain Flexible

Another benefit of not overdoing your work is that you will have the energy to take care of your entire family after office hours. It is vital, especially when you have kids who still require your guidance and affection to grow well. Your marriage may stay strong as well since you can help out at home and get cozy with your husband or wife often.




Balancing your relationship and career may not be as easy as pie, but it surely is possible. You only need a significant dose of love, sensitivity, and diligence in your system, and neither aspect of your life will ever suffer.