Things To Consider Before Committing To Online Therapy




With one easy tap of your phone or your mouse, access to a therapist that can help you with your mental health problems are now very much possible. The Internet has made communication and therapy so much easier to reach even without going out of your house and visiting a professional for help. But stop where you are and don’t click that registration button just yet. Read on and learn some points to consider before committing to online therapy.


Web Therapy



Online therapy is sometimes referred to as web therapy for obvious reasons. It is also called phone therapy, online therapy, or text therapy. When you communicate or interact with a therapist or a psychologist using a phone or computer, you are receiving what they call telepsychology services. There have been a lot of research and studies about the difference between traditional therapy and online therapy, and evidence has shown positive outcomes on the interaction of a therapist and client online.

“There are many reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression.” Chris Corbett, PsyD explains. However, there are some points you need to take note of before deciding to acquire the service of a mental health professional online.


Benefits of Online Therapy




  • It Can Be Cheaper. If you don’t have plans of using insurance for therapy, then this can be to your advantage. Additionally, online apps advertise pricing that offers weekly or monthly packages that do appear less expensive compared to traditional face-to-face therapy sessions.
  • It’s Convenient. Therapy through the web can save you a lot of time, particularly with the hours you spend commuting from the home or office to the clinic. You don’t have to travel and maybe cancel dinner or an important talk with the husband because you need to go to therapy. You just simply log in to a site or dial a number, and your therapy session can start right then and there.
  • Rural Residents Can Have Access To Therapy. This is a big plus, especially for those who live in rural areas or areas where psychologists’ or therapists’ clinics are located far from their homes. Also, individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions can now talk with a therapist without having to drive uncomfortably.


Questions To Ask Yourself Before Signing Up


  1. Can It Really Help Me? Most studies have not yet proven whether or not online therapy alone or text therapy alone can truly provide positive outcomes for people under different circumstances. You may not also be able to verify if the site you are signing up for is legitimate. According to Dave Kaplowitz, LMFT, CGP, “Therapy offers you a safe place where you can say anything without being judged or criticized. Over time, people usually feel better and see their lives improving.”


  1. Is Confidentiality Not An Issue? The success of traditional therapy can also be owed to the assurance that the information they give out is safe and secure. The psychologist commits to keep your sessions confidential. In online therapy, however, you can never be confident that the things you type on the chatbox or the conversations you’ve had with your online therapist will remain confident. You will just have to trust that the site you are on is HIPAA-compliant.


  1. Am I Talking To A Licensed Therapist? You will have difficulty confirming if your psychologist or therapist is licensed or if he is just claiming that he is. Sadly, it would be difficult to know whether or not you are receiving valid or legitimate therapeutic approaches.


Final Thoughts


“The benefits of therapy are vast, including having an objective perspective on happenings in your life, a sounding board for you to talk through options before taking action, a place where you can deepen self-awareness, access resources to support your growth and personal development, and much more. ” says Robin D. Stone, LMHC.

Perhaps before deciding to join the accessible yet vague concept of therapy online, you should consider answering your questions about it before concluding. Remember that the ultimate goal is to access sincere, genuine, and effective therapy for the improvement of your mental well-being.