Reasons For Overachievers To Seek Therapy


Knowing that you are the best brings out positive feelings, doesn’t it?

At the office, your boss looks for you first when there’s a vacancy for a higher position or a critical project to handle. Without your circle, your opinion matters more than anyone. The trophies and awards you received over the years may be covering the entire wall in your house as well.

Despite all of that, being successful doesn’t always mean that you have the best life. In reality, some managers and team leaders need to work longer than other employees. You take on more responsibilities that can make or break the company. You can’t ask for several days of vacation either since everyone depends on you. Hence, the pressure is undoubtedly on all the time.

If those aren’t enough causes for overachievers like you to seek therapy, then feel free to see more reasons below.

To Deal With The Loneliness


Before the boss offers an executive post to you, it’s possible that you’re already aware of the things you have to sacrifice to take that seat. The amount of time you can spend with your family or friends, for instance, will lessen. You may need to go on out-of-town or overseas trips by yourself. And during the holidays, you may still be in the office, slaving away to meet your deadlines.

It can get pretty lonely when it’s just you at the helm, right? But seeing a psychiatrist can help you deal with your situation better. In no time, you’ll be able to rebuild the burnt bridges toward your loved ones.

To Get Over The Phobia Of Losing Everything At Once

Once you reach the peak of success, the fear of having everything you worked hard for taken away from you becomes real. After all, people always say that the planet is round and that one mistake can make you lose the things you hold dear to your heart.

While both claims are valid, going to a mental health professional will also allow you to realize that the phobia is just a product of your imagination. And even if what you’re most afraid of occurs in the real world, you’ll know better than to mope around or, worse, take your life due to it.

To Let Old Hatreds Rest In Peace


What was your initial reason for striving to be on top?

If you say it’s because you want to make your folks proud or turn your life around, then that’s incredible. It entails that you got to where you are with positive vibes backing you up. But in case your motive in the first place is to show off and cause pain to others, you’re harsher to yourself than to anyone.

You should seek therapy at that point to stop hatred from ruining your life. That negative feeling is not too strong of a foundation for prolonged success. It’s weak from the get-go, and it will only take some time before the empire you created topples over.

How you achieved everything you want in life – and more – isn’t due to sheer luck. You did your best; that’s why you became the best. Don’t let ill emotions push you towards the bottom again. Get counseling if that’s the only thing that can help you.