Life Counseling Services: Fight Suicidal Thoughts (Here’s What You Can Do)


When you are suicidal, you only think about the negative things in your life. You lose focus and suddenly lose the interest to live. You are sad and lonely, devastated and hopeless. But it shouldn’t have to be that way. Here’s what you can do to fight suicidal thoughts.

Ways To Fight Suicidal Thoughts

  • Remove anything that you could use to harm yourself. Blades, ropes, pills, or anything that might cause any physical damage, you have to get rid of them. If you are in an unsafe place, move away. Find ways to detach yourself from committing suicide.
  • Tell someone how you feel. Your friends, your family, or even your pet can be that someone. It is so important because it makes you feel less alone and it helps a lot. It makes you more in control of your feelings. Talking to someone helps in removing some parts of your emotional burden.
  • Draw, paint, sing, and dance. It’s perfectly okay to feel like not talking to anyone. However, you should find other things to do rather than thinking about suicide. Working on your hobbies is something that can make you consider other things rather than harming yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself. Bear in mind that the only person that can help you is yourself. It may be difficult in certain situations but don’t let your emotions take over your decisions. You can at least talk to yourself and tell it how much it needs to focus on living. “Focus on yourself and your own happiness and do not compare yourself to others.” As advised by Marc Romano, PsyD.
  • Act in an opposite approach and counteract how you feel. Instead of thinking of killing yourself, work on ways to pamper yourself. You can take a hot shower, cook your favorite food, get a new haircut, watch a funny movie, go to the mall, and so on. Find ways to divert your attention to something that keeps you away from having suicidal thoughts.
  • Write down things you would want to experience. Get a piece of paper and write down things you look forward to achieving in your life. It could be a holiday trip, visiting your favorite restaurant, getting a new car, transferring into a new apartment, or anything that’s pretty much attainable. Take time to read it often so you won’t misalign your thoughts.
  • Value the people around you and don’t push them away. To be able to feel less alone, keep people close to you all cost. This way, you won’t only make yourself feel comfortable, but it will also prevent you from thinking about suicide. Always consider everybody’s presence because they can serve as someone who would be there for you anytime.
  • Come up with a safety plan. Sometimes, you won’t be able to control your emotions, so you need to address it as soon as possible. Don’t allow time to decide for you. Have a list of emergency hotlines in case anything happens. Take a list of coping strategies that you feel comfortable doing.
  • Contact professional help. There’s no better way to address your situation but to seek professional advice. Therapists can explain to you what’s happening and why you’re having those negative thoughts. It’ll allow you to be aware of your current situation. “Therapists can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, unresolved childhood issues, grief, stress management, body image issues and creative blocks,” says Chris Corbett, PsyD.

“Not all people who have thoughts of suicide end up acting on those thoughts. But for those who do, generally there is deep emotional pain combined with a belief that things will never improve.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon Ph.D. LMHC explains. But if you know your reasons to fight, you won’t have intentions to quit. Always remember that there’s something good about life.