Developing An Organized And Motivated Habit


It’s not every day that you feel like getting up and highly motivated to get through the day. There are days you do not understand if you’re just tired, lazy or lost. But what do self-motivated and organized people do every day to accomplish their tasks and goals despite the lack of willpower to carry on? How do they organize and plan their day despite not feeling good about it? These are some of the traits successful people do that set them apart from the majority.

They set goals.

These people have long term goals. However, they also have short term realistic goals. In order to achieve the long term goals, they do small steps necessary to attain them. For example, you want to develop a healthy lifestyle. On the first week, you cut unnecessary food choices from your diets such as complex sugars and fats. By the next few weeks, you start by developing a low impact exercise to high impact until you are ready to incorporate the healthy food choices to your daily exercise routine.


The habit of planning a productive day.

Organized people keep a planner where they usually write their schedule, reminders, and to-do list. These keep them reminded about their expectations. Some people utilize a “dream board” that reminds them every day of their purpose why they need to finish certain assignments or tasks. By looking forward to that goal, it fuels them to be more motivated. It is said that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit. That is a good gentle reminder when setting goals and if you find the change in habits for the first couple of days challenging.

They know how to celebrate both trials and triumphs.

Highly effective and motivated people do not clamor and whine over setbacks. They accept challenges they need to hurdle as part of the process in achieving success. They take this as an opportunity to learn and do not let these failures deter them. It is also necessary for them that after a hard days work, a little pat on the back for a job well done is helpful to keep them going. Celebrating achievements not just to acknowledge their hard work but the people surrounding them and their contributions.

Online therapy provides helpful resources about motivation and getting organized. Online therapists are available to guide you through this process from beginning until you are able to be more independent. Having the initiative to develop, adapt effective attitude, mastering emotions, and learning the necessary skills to gain motivation.


We can say that success is the product of motivation that is practiced every day, embraced as a way of life. It has a great impact on the society we live in. Whether it is affecting personal, family or career life developing the habit of organized work and keeping motivated gears success.