8 Reasons Why We All Need Therapy


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Many will disagree with this, but it is a fact that everyone needs a specific form of therapy at some point in their lives. It doesn’t mean that you’re crazy if you’re seeing a therapist or a counselor for private sessions. In reality, you are considered a very courageous individual if you want to get help for your issues. It’s just that the stigma on counseling prevents people from seeking the much-needed services from qualified mental health professionals. “Sadly, only a small percentage of people actively seek professional help for their mental health problems,” says Sal Raichbach, PsyD.


Why We Need The Help Of A Therapist

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You go into a room and sit in front of your therapist as you mumble away all your problems, fears, and worries. But that’s not all there is to therapy. Sarah Rumpf, MA, LPCC  says that “Therapy is a lot like other things in life, in that you’ll get out of it what you put in. You’ll need to put in effort to get results.” You are not there just to talk about whatever you like. Counseling is more than that.


The pressures of life have become overwhelming for most of us, and this is the very point as to why we need to unload all of it. If we do not process our emotions well, mental health issues will surface and complicate a person’s life even more. All alone in our thoughts, it can sometimes cause irrational beliefs and unreasonable logic. We tend to think negatively and may harm ourselves by being reactive or explosive. Maybe even, at worse, inflict self-harm.


We all need someone who will understand us and let us release our emotional issues, but also help us make ourselves feel better afterward. That’s what a therapist or counselor can do for you. It may be a small or significant issue. Still, you need a helping “hand.”


Here are eight reasons as to why we all need therapy:

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  1. When you feel lost, or you feel that you have lost your way and didn’t know where to go, then it’s a sign that you need therapy. How else can you find clarity if it’s just you drowning in your thoughts? You will need someone to guide you when you are so lost, and the only qualified person to do that is a therapist.


  1. According to Sarah Howson, LPC, CADC III, “Anger is a normal human emotion. Sometimes the way that we handle this emotion causes various problems in our lives.” But if you are abnormally angry, always agitated and extremely moody for an extended period, then something is bothering you that you can’t quite process on your own. With that, you will require a specialist who can help you let it all out healthily. That is one of the functions of a counselor.


  1. There are times when significant changes in life challenge us mentally and emotionally. What are these changes? It can be marriage, divorce, the death of a loved one, moving homes, starting a new job, resigning from your position, and more. With this, you can become stressed out and overwhelmed. A therapist can help you cope with these life changes by practicing specific strategies.


  1. Have you felt that you are losing control of your life? If yes, then you can benefit from therapy. The therapist will help you regain the feeling so that you can move on positively in control.


  1. Who doesn’t have a strained relationship here, right? Everyone is bound to experience heartache because of their loved ones. It can be your spouse, partner, significant other, parents, siblings, family members, or friends. A counselor will lead you to a path of self-discovery so that the pain of dealing with a strained relationship is manageable and you will be able to cope.


  1. Those suffering from lack of sleep can also enlist the help of a therapist. People who can’t sleep well at night are troubled subconsciously. You need at least 8 hours of sleep without interruptions so you can function correctly. With that, a qualified therapist can assist you with insomnia through a specified program.


  1. Some people tend to harm themselves due to self-hate, frustration, helplessness, and hopelessness. If you are contemplating about it, STOP RIGHT THERE. DON’T DO IT. Instead, call a suicide hotline immediately and tell them about your situation. After that, contact a therapist online for a quick response.


  1. At times we feel all alone or isolated. You know what? Talking helps, mainly if you speak with a counselor. You will never feel alone again.


There are so many reasons as to why people must go into therapy. These points mentioned are just some of the essential purposes of seeing a therapist.