4 Skills Every Life Coach Must Have

One of the most promising and fulfilling professions these days is life coaching. Many people have found their love and interest in this field because of the several advantages available once you follow such a journey. First of all, life coaches can transform a particular person’s life. At the same time, these experts can also offer the right assistance and support for someone who has trouble with his family, friends or other people surrounding him. These life coaches are also good in guiding someone to overcome a traumatic experience or even clinical depression.

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According to Chris Corbett, PsyD, “There are many reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression.” Because of these, the numbers of individuals who want to pursue a career as a life coach keep on increasing every year. If you go to the bookstore, you can see that a lot of books have been written and published by the said professionals. Moreover, their services have already been considered as “in demand” in many parts of the world. If you aim to be one of them, then the first thing that you need to look into is the list of skills that every life coach possesses. Here is the list:


An excellent life coach is one who can easily connect with the people around him. He must not act aloof because clients will ultimately avoid him if he does not change his ways. Remember that communication is an integral part of life coaching. You cannot expect your future client to listen to what you have to say if you do not know how to relate to him. As explained by Molly Bowman, MS, LPC, “With attention, curiosity, and permission to be expressed, those emotions start to become unstuck and move through”

At the same time, it will also be challenging on your part to instill some lessons to him if you have no idea about the proper and effective means of communication. Take note that communication does not only involve talking but also listening. Always see to it that clients would feel happy and satisfied because you know how to listen carefully.


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It is also imperative for a life coach to become empathetic when it comes to dealing with clients. One thing that you have to remember also is that most of your potential customers are those who are suffering problems in their personal lives or relationships with others. Of course, you cannot say the right words if you do not have empathy in your system.

The goal is to let your clients feel that you understand what they are going through. Be compassionate whenever you are in a meeting or open discussion with them. At this point, it is crucial to remind yourself that any action you take may have consequences in your reputation as a life coach. Because of this, it is ideal for you to become empathy not only to the said clients but also with your colleagues or employees, as the case may be.


“Counseling is about a relationship that can aid us through times of depression, anxiety, anger and pain.” says Chris Oneth LMFT. Therefore, you cannot give remarkable advice and support to your clients if you know nothing about being a life coach. Keep in mind that there is a system to follow if you want to be good at what you do. As already mentioned above, the number of professionals choosing to be a life coach has increased drastically over the years.

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What you need to do is to improve your knowledge about life coaching. Read all the books that will teach you more about this profession. Focus on studying the different behaviors and personalities of each, so that you will have an idea on the right approach whenever a particular client seeks for your services in the future. Find time to attend seminars or conferences to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the field.


Make it a top priority to remain honest in your future dealings and transactions as a life coach. Remind yourself why you have chosen to create a career path as a coach. Do not be too ambitious to the point that you will compromise the welfare of your clients. Do not give advice just because the other person wants to hear such. You need to provide guidance honestly at all times.

Remember that honesty is also considered an essential skill when it comes to being a coach. Your future clients deserve to know what is true and accurate. Never feed them with lies for the sake of making them feel good. Otherwise, they will never experience improvement in their lives. When this continues to happen, it is proper to say that you have failed as an effective and efficient coach.


You do not become a successful life coach overnight. There are several preparations that you need to give your attention to if you want to experience success. Take your time so that you will not commit significant mistakes and errors. Most importantly, know the primary reasons why you want to lead this path. You have to discover why you have chosen this profession to ensure that you will become more passionate as days go by.